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Opinions on Kirk Hunter Diamond Symphonic (its on sale)


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I subscribed to a facebook group that focuses on Kontakt libraries. Read about this just now. Here's the deets on the subject at hand:


I have only used the factory libraries for orchestral instruments. My purpose for buying this is to have fun, play with orchestration and as a learning tool. For $113, it seems like a no brainer, but the thing about no brainers is they can often leave me wishing I'd done a bit more due diligence first.

So...opinions about this sort of thing in general and particular? Thanks in advance.

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I've read mixed reviews of this. Some ok but some are saying its so big (80GB!!) and includes a lot of older samples that might not necessarily hold up to more modern samples. Apparently it has 100 links to download as well so good luck with that! All that aside i thought some of the demos were ok. Parts of the strong ensembles sounded nice but they needed some eq and reverb to give them real presence. Good luck with the purchase..you'll be kept busy sifting through 80GB.
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