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OT...Rock Movies

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A lot of the ones already mentioned are pretty good. "Woodstock" and "Hard Day's Night" top my list, with "The Last Waltz" on the heels.


But I also liked some of those old '50's "B" type movies, a couple of them starring Alan Freed, like "Don't Knock The Rock" and other ones with similar titles. Sure, the stories were dumb, always about the "grown-ups" trying to owtlaw rock'n'roll in their small town, and the perky white kids fighting them. Then Alan Freed comes in with a bevy of rock'n'roll pioneers and has a show. And the old folks are won over. Same "plot" in all of 'em! But as Hollywood at the time used their own version of what I call "Hollywood Rock", which really wasn't, they're excellent archival records of early rockers like Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochoran, Bill Haley and The Comets and others. Only in the campy "The Girl Can't Help It" can you see a line-up anywhere near the ones in those others.



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Many good movies already mentioned, I'll add The Rutles' "All you need is cash".


Everybody talks good about Spinal Tap but it really isn't half as good as "This Is Bad News", a truly great heavy metal spoof, made for british television (if this title is available on DVD, buy it!).


Today I rented "Only the Strong Survive", a documentary about whatever happened to soul artists Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, Isaac Hayes, Wilson Picket, Mary Wilson, Sam Moore, The Chi-Lites, Ann Peebles and Jerry Butler. Looking forward to see it!


BTW, what's the verdict on "Mighty Like The Wind"?




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Great choices above


"One Plus One" aka "Sympathy for the Devil"

(Rolling Stones in the studio with radical intercuts of revolutaries)


"Standing in the Shadows of Motown"

(shows the faceless people called the "Funk Brothers" who are the black and white players behind the music)


But then I like "3 Guys Named Moe" who did the mix on, of all things, a Mackie d8b!

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Originally posted by Mats Olsson.:

Many good movies already mentioned, I'll add The Rutles' "All you need is cash"...


...BTW, what's the verdict on "Mighty Like The Wind"?



Silly man :D ...


Originally posted by fantasticsound:

And speaking of parodies... before Spinal Tap there was The Rutles :thu: ...

As for Mighty Wind, I think it was wonderful. But it was a bit more documentary than Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffman, or Best In Show. I think people expected more belly laughs and less subtlty. If you were looking for the out and out ridiculousness of three bass guitars on Big Bottom (and the accompanying images of Harry Shearer trapped in the clear plastic sarcophagus. :D ) then A Mighty Wind will probably disappoint you.

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