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OT: Vintage Studio Monitors


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I believe those were out around the same time I purchased my Tannoy LGMs as my main keyboard monitors. After having to downsize I ended up using them for years in my family room for my home entertainment monitors. But they were always sort of in the way and I really had no good place for the. So I finally just sold them about a month ago. Paid $1500 for them new in 1988, sold them for $1570 some 28 years later.


Amazing how certain audio components hold their value and keep on working and working.

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I had a pair of 4311s for 20 years and finally passed them on to an aspiring musician. They sound great but are not neutral and therefore not good for making a reference mix.


My friend's studio contains a pair of monster JBL monitors - the twin 15" / 2" horn driver ones that were in all the 1970s studios.




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Is anyone into vintage studio monitors? I don't think that they make em' like they used to.

I agree. Studio monitors are much better these days than they ever have been. More options than ever through technology, various mixes of old and new design concepts, and the combined knowledge of so many more years of research and experience... :thu:





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I still have my old pair of KRK K-Roks from the early 90s. They sound great, I use an equally-old Crown 75 watt power amp with them (when I bother, I usually just use headphones, since my only music time is after kid bedtimes). I've thought of selling both but it's a tough sell considering you can get brand new powered monitors for less than I paid. No idea how the quality would stack up between mine and newer ones.
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