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OT: When the kids are away...


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Just some venting (the non-rotary-sim kind)...


Dropped my 14-year-old off at a three-week summer camp this past weekend... his first really extended time away from home, and therefore, our first extended time away from him. Despite some cell phone contact and knowledge that he's in a very good program, I'm feeling his absence very keenly. I believe it will be a good exercise in independence for the both of us, but it is killing me!


Parents of KC... you feelin' me?


Meanwhile, I'm compensating by connecting more with my 10 year-old daughter, at least when she thinks I'm worthy. :) My lovely wife has taken on redecorating the kids' rooms, so that's her distraction.


Thank goodness for synths. I've got the new stuff in Komplete 10 to explore, and I picked up Steinberg Absolute VST Collection 2 for, you know, therapeutic purposes.






I make software noises.
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It's funny right? You spend X amount of years adjusting to your new life as Dad and along with the intense love and joy comes worry and stress. You wish for a break and then when you get one you don't even know what to do with yourself. Like you've forgotten you had a life before.


I suggest you enjoy the time. Crack open your beverage of choice and sit down and learn a few tunes you've been longing to add to your list.


Relax, Dad. Enjoy the break!

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Teen: Pop, is it gill-o-teen or gee-yuh-teen? (guillotine)

Parent: I say gill-o-teen, but I believe gee-yuh-teen is also correct.

Teen: (pretending to look it up) Pop, you're brilliant, that is correct! Now... let's hear it used in a sentence to help us remember...(pretending to read from the dictionary) "As a parent it is important to gee-yuh-teen his space before one of you loses his head"

"It is a danger to create something and risk rejection. It is a greater danger to create nothing and allow mediocrity to rule."

"You owe it to us all to get on with what you're good at." W.H. Auden


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