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Cheap Sampler on Raspberry PI


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Perhaps interesting for others. Based on the SamplerBox project that created a Sample player for the Raspberry PI, I enhanced it with several options:

- Works on Raspberry PI 3

- Includes FreeVerb

- Can play 4 channel backing Track.


Check it out at:



Works great for me. I sampled my lovely CVP609 piano (CFX) on 6 levels and this is great to add to my Kurzweil PC3.


Nord Stage 3, Nord Wave 2
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Superb! Will my pi2 be struggling?


Perhaps if you turn things off or reduce performance...

- increase Buffer

- Reduce polyphony

- turn off freeverb


Original SamplerBox runs okay on the PI2


Nord Stage 3, Nord Wave 2
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Those little bastards are addictive! I have 7 or 8 of them now. (I lost count.)


And I want to build a 33-card supercomputer out of them one day.



Setup: Korg Kronos 61, Roland XV-88, Korg Triton-Rack, Motif-Rack, Korg N1r, Alesis QSR, Roland M-GS64 Yamaha KX-88, KX76, Roland Super-JX, E-Mu Longboard 61, Kawai K1II, Kawai K4.
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It's got decent video output, too, I've made a youtube of a analog simulation synth on the original RPI years ago, and nowadays there are various offers for dedicated screens and touch screens (or a fitting HDMI monitor). The RPI3 is 64 bit, but I suppose everybody still uses a 32 bit OS.


I've mentioned the "orange PI" here a while ago, which is 1.6 GHz and has SATA-2 (!) disk connections, might be interesting to consider if you can find a sample program that can read from disk.



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Around 40 euro for PI3, 5 for USB audio, 3 for LCD, 5 for case. I use a 4 channel ESI Maya USB+ card for 80 euro. 10 for decent powersupply


For stereo: around 60 euro.

For 4 channel with ESI 80 euro more. Perhaps other card will work (cheaper and more expensive)


Nord Stage 3, Nord Wave 2
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Hi Erik


I've started down this path myself now. Haven't had time to build the hardware yet but I have a Pi3 waiting for me to do so. Electronics is my day job so shouldn't be too tricky.


But I will check out your site.


Have you got a recommendation for a GOOD quality USB sound module? I know the one recommended is pretty cheap (around $10) but is that good enough?



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