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ISO headphones for guitar practice


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Honestly, I use discontinued refurbished closed back Sony headphones I got at a Sony outlet store for @$5. They're obviously not the best, but they do a pretty good job. They isolate me pretty well, but not completely- key for me since I primarily use them in 2 situations:


1) when jamming out in a courtyard full of people, and need to keep some awareness of my surroundings.


2) when jamming out quietly at home, but still need to be able to detect when someone needs my attention.


If I hadn't found those, I'd probably have some Sennheisers, Sony or Bose in the $100-250 range.

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http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ATHM20x <---I ordered a set of these Audio Technica for under $50...they work just fine for me. Welcome aboard Bix714!


I use headphones when I'm on the computer jamming to YouTube backing tracks or listening to songs and lessons. They really come in handy if the wife has the TV on and the little computer speaker is just not loud enough to hear. Listening to YouTube and other music videos with headphones is 100% improved and you'll really hear what you have been missing without them. Just be careful with the volume levels while using headphones with guitar amps and other audio applications, so that you do not hurt your ears...

Take care, Larryz
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Have you considered In-Ear Monitors? That's going to give the best isolation and some of them have really great sound quality. Comfort over a long period of time may be an issue...but I do three 1-hr sets live with them without discomfort. You can get custom ear molds to make sure you get a good fit and they're comfortable.



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