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Hammond XK-3 11-pin Leslie Plug


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I have a Hammond XK-3 and run it through a Motion Sound Pro-145 so I use Motion Sound's foot control for slow/fast/brake of the rotary speaker.


I just bought the XK Pro System (lower manual, "Wanna-B B3" set up) and would like to utilize the keyboard's presets however the presets also drive the internal Leslie settings and I don't want ANY internal Leslie since I play through a rotary speaker (Motion Sound Pro-145).


QUESTION ONE: Anyone know how to disable the internal Leslie effects on this board?


QUESTION TWO: I see the XK-3 11-pin plug will control the Leslie if utilized. I am wondering if anyone has or knows where there is a PDF or drawing of the 11-pin jack wiring. I am thinking to tap into the 11-pin to control the Motion Sound so that the Hammond pre-sets would change the rotary speaker setting.



I would be grateful to someone who knows what they are doing to chime in.


In the perfect world I would like to either disable internal Leslie and use my existing control switch OR, get a 11-pin plug and wire it to have the keyboard control the Motion Sound Pro-145,of course if this option is elected I need to be able to diasable internal Leslie effects. Thanks everyone!

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I have it if no one steps up. I am not home and not in position to get it to you right now. One caveat is the Hammond looks for an incoming 12v to tell it the Leslie socket is active.

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Here's a link to an 11-pin breakout for use with the Neo Ventilator. Hopefully it can be of use with the Motion-Sound too; I used to have a Pro-3T with a Low-pro and IIRC I could switch the speed with a sustain pedal.


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