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Mainstage external midi volume control


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i have spent the good bit if the last month learning the ins and and outs of mainstage. Overall I can pretty much get everything to work as I want with one exception; volume control of external midi devices when in performance mode. In my case I'm using either the fantom x6 or numa compact as controllers to control an integra 7. I set up a concert with about 25 of my favorite patches (some single sounds, some split and layer) in the integra. I created a layout that resembles an 8 channel mixer. Think korg nanokontrol. Although none of my patches contain more than 4 parts at this time. I have the integra's channels all as midi activity. I mapped the faders to the integra as control 7 on each channel and this allows me to control volume in edit mode. However when I switch to performance mode the faders no longer control the volume. I purchase a nanokontrol yesterday thinking this may help but have not had a chance to try it out yet. I know I should be able to do this but must be overlooking something. Any help would be appreciated


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