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PC88mx demo song


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The other day I stumbled across the OrKeystra performance from NAMM 2015 with Jordan Rudess. What a great performance (highly recommended):



This somehow made me think of my PC88mx and the built-in demo. I always thought it had a Rick Wakeman sound, but now it sounded a bit like Rudess, too. Using Google, apparently the PC88MX demo was done by Jordan Rudess.




Hopefully this is not too far off topic I thought it was neat to finally be able to place my all-time favorite demo.



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I'm getting a PC88 this week. I'll def have to check that out.


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I sold my Kurzweil PC88 about a year ago. It is a great keyboard for the money but it weighs a lot but I have my man card so was not really a problem but sometimes I wish I had it back. The strings were awesome. I sold it for $375 but it is not comparable to my K2 88
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The PC88MX was the "piano" I learned to play on. Mine died years ago, but it served me well for quite some time, both home and later live as a controller.
"Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time." Ornette Coleman
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My old PC88 still holds together, somehow.... :) I bought it new in '95 when I was 17 with a lot of funding from my parents. Sure, I've replaced a few key weights over the years, and I haven't used any internal sounds the last ten years (but the sound engine still works), but it still serves well as a midi controller and weighted keys for my Nord Stage sw73. The keybed squeaks and makes clunking noises, but it's perfectly playable. I guess it will work a couple of more years before it dies.

Too much stuff, too little time, too few gigs, should spend more time practicing...!  🙄

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