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Really, *nobody* made a CP4 software utility yet ?!

Theo Verelst

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What qualifies as a zombie thread?


I love the Melas editors, and I'm sure he is busy creating one for Montage. But I'd love something for the CP4, which I got last week.


So, how do you CP4 users organize performances? My ideas so far would be to store them in memory slots so that when in Performance Direct select, a CFX acoustic piano performance would be found in multiples of 16, e.g., 001, 017, 033, etc, so that they would be found under iterations of the same preset button. Rhodes performances would be found in 004, 020, etc.


But maybe I'm overthinking this. How do you organize performances?



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Since a couple of months I´m also a proud owner of a CP4.

Also missed a software utility. So I started to develop a librarian tool with some basic functions. At the moment all based on reading an writing C7A-Files (I call them datasets).

The tool is able to create, import and export multiple datasets and exchange and rename the performances.

This reduced set of functions is enough to prepare live setlists for the cp4 and export them as C7A-Files.

Maybe the tool can also be used to exchange setups between CP4 users: The amount of available sounds is really small. I only know the set of Bruno Z....



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Barry, as far as how to organize performances: obviously it depends on what you're doing with it.


But to me, having CFX in 1, 17, 33 etc doesn't make much sense. I would just try to have all the performances needed in a particular gig/band/whatever within one set of 16 so they're all reachable with one button press.


So 1-16 might be all my favorite AP/EP stuff that I'd use in regular bands/sessions, 17-32 could be all the patches for a theater pit band gig, 33-48 everything for my Weird Al Laser tribute project, and so on.


You still have to remember what's what, but at least everything's close together.



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