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Tiered Add-On Stand For Korg SV-1 Stand?


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Hi kryl, I am unfamiliar with that stand, but I don't think there is a compatible tier for it. In terms of design and function, the stand reminds me of electric piano legs, which don't really permit tiers. Another user can correct me if I'm wrong. A cheap solution for a top tier may be a sturdy music stand placed behind your ST-SV1 and titled towards it.

~ Sean

Juno-60, Juno-G, MicroBrute, MS-20 Mini, PX-5S, R3, etc.

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Two problems that I can see here.


1) where would you expect a second tier to actually attach to your stand?

2) what type of tier do you envision that would be narrow enough to support a keyboard as small as a Minibrute?




Even if you can find (1) I'm pretty sure it won't be suitable to satisfy (2).


Follow Seann's advice, use a Manhasset-style music stand, table-style.

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