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Which key (or keys)?


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Depends on the tune and what horns if any are in the band.


For some reason my ears find Ab to be pleasant. LOL!

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C D E G A F Bb (maj) (and corresponding 6M), my fingers just find the keys by themselves. Anything else I gotta apply a little thought.


~ vonnor


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I would probably be able to conjure up an aural image in my head of what key I think the song is in and try to find that, I don't have perfect pitch per se but I get it right a good number of times.

Rich Forman

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As a horn player, ironically, I've gotten used to playing in "guitar keys" (E, A, B, etc.).


If you throw a natural flat key at me, I actually have to think for a bit. So please don't transpose into a "horn key" on my account. If you've been playing horn long enough, there's no such thing.

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I hear the beginning in my head and find the pitch from there. No sense fighting what's already there.

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