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Korg Nuvibe - yet another reissue of old analog product


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Intriguing (but at $500 way too expensive IMO). Where can I hear what the original sounds like (e.g., was it used on any well-known songs)? The guitarist's tone in Korg's video on YouTube (direct link below) is so bad it's hard to hear clearly what the new version is doing to the sound (unless it's the reason the tone is so poor):





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Hopefully there will be better demos posted online before too long. I'd love to hear a demo of e-piano/clav through one.


At that price point, it's competing with the even costlier Moog Cluster Flux for the Ultimate Analog Modulation Pedal award.


On other forums, there's some interest on the account of sliders that can be used to set your own LFO waveform.

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