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Shoulder Surgery

Moon Zero Two

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Need ortho on my right shoulder to remove bone spurs that are causing inflammation before it leads to full blown rotator cuff issue. Arm will be in a sling for a few weeks, Dr says full recovery no impact to piano playing.


Anybody have similar surgery? Like to hear their experience.



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Tore my left bicep tendon in addition to the left shoulder's infraspinatus and supraspinatus muscles. All fixed in one surgery.


Recovery: Two months immobility followed by four months of physical therapy.


You'll feel better after only two months of physical therapy and consider discontinuing, but don't be fooled. Complete the whole physical therapy cycle. You'll be glad you did.


I have full, 100% mobility and strength.

Steve Coscia

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Both Doc's and Steve's surgeries are different than yours. I'd hazard a guess that you have spurs under the part of your scapula near the shoulder (called the acromion).


It's hard to immobilize the shoulder in the same way that one would immobilize an elbow in a cast. The sling will limit (over)use but does not prevent movement like a cast. You are certainly entitled to ask your surgeon what to expect re: impact on your music during recovery.

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Complete the whole physical therapy cycle. You'll be glad you did.


My wife had this surgery and I can concur that the physical therapy is paramount getting the fullest recovery. I have a co-worker who did not complete rehab and he has significant pain much of the time. DO THE PT!

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I've had the rotator cuff issues; first with one shoulder then the other, 3 or 4 years total. Thank goodness only one shoulder went bad at a time! I had to relearn how to dress myself -- TWICE!


I skipped surgery, and pay closer attention to how I use my shoulders. Maybe I'll want it someday, but for now I feel I dodged a bullet.


What brought the first one on was Wii boxing with my adult son. Bad idea! I'm not sure what started the other, which came on more slowly and took longer to heal. But I'm good on both now, and no impact playing or hauling gear (other than being more careful).


Actually, I do try to avoid playing much above the horizontal. I keep my top tier very close to the bottom tier, use a stool that's tall compared to both, and whenever I'm not playing the bottom tier I stand to play just the top (which I like to do anyways). But other than that, and being more careful when I get in and out of my car with my (work computer) backpack, I'm back to the usual. Won't be doing any boxing, Wii or otherwise!


Also fortunately, neither injury kept me from schlepping gear or playing it. My windsurfing habit is still in remission, though.

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