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ProKeys 88 with intermittent sound ... help with repair

dallas kruse

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I have a prokeys 88 that has an issue.


It gives little to no sound output and intermittently will crackle and then the sound will blast out (because I have my volume all the way up)...then crackle and the sound will go out or down to almost nothing at all.

There is also no headphone sound at all


I'd like to try and fix this issue myself and not pay to get repaired ... anyone else have this issue or know what to try to fix it?


I opened up the back panel and reseated the connecting ribbons but that didn't help. I tried jiggling some connections while the DEMO was playing to see if it was maybe a faulty connection but there's no correlation. I won't even touch the keyboard and it'll go into the intermittent crackling. I get full volume maybe 1% of the time it's on.


anyone help?

1949 Hammond C3, Leslie 147, Mo8, D6, Mo ES Racks, SVC350 Vocoder, Galanti Accordion.
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