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R.I.P Ray Price

Steve Nathan

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When Country music was at it's best, it was Ray Price. He made music that "swung" like Basie or Duke. His defining "Country Shuffle" was a big part of easing my transition from an R&B/Blues player to whatever it is I am today. You could not hear Ray price and not tap your foot, bob your head or sway your body.


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Crazy Arms and Heartaches By The Numbers are two songs we do in the country band I play in. Ray Price was such a talent and should never be forgotten as being one of the best country artist in the country music industry. RIP Ray. Your songs will live long with us.

John Cassetty


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RIP. Got to see Ray twice from the wings. It was an education in how things should be done, from the voice and stage presence to the outrageous skill of the musicians. Humbling.

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Perhaps my all time favorite Ray Price song is "Night Life"


As I recall, Willie Nelson was playing bass for Ray at the time. There was one steel guitar lick played by Buddy Emmons that had every steel player in the country modifying their instruments. Emmons hit a low C, then had the note fall quickly to an A. (I think he was on the C6 neck).


I saw him in the early 80s, and he had a kicking band, with NO guitar. The steel player did all that. When the band played the obligatory few songs before bringing him out, they actually did a really good version of "Sweet Home Alabama", again, with no guitar.


One of the smoothest voices in all of music




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