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Half Moon Switch on PC3K7


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My main kb is a PC3K7 and the second is the NE3 running through a vent. I have a HMS (from Hammond) attached to the NE3 with velcro & it controls the NV nicely. As a fluke (and probably just extra time on my hands) I attached the HMS to the PC3K7 not really expecting it to work figuring it was proprietary to certain keyboards. Guess what,... it worked perfectly & the KB3 stands up to the NE3 like a champ!! I've been doing countless hours of comparison between the Kurz. & the NE3 through the vent. and the difference is kinda audible in a quit room but at the gig no difference! I never thought I'd be a one keyboard player (you have to have the organ keyboard, etc...) but hearing is believing.

I still love the NE3 & the vent but this is such a cool & lightweight alternative.


Respect the gig.

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