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Got my GAS treated with a Nord Lead 4


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Hi all,


Have started to get into my new nord lead 4, damn what a cool board. Will replace my moog and electro on top of my rhodes. My electro goes to the right for clavinets and hammond.


Doing a show(35m stage.....) where we cover lady gaga and some other synth based music. This synth really shines doing that kind of music. The buttons with different scenes are amzingly fun to play with. The new filters are also welcome addtn.


Time for a new synth era for me, still waiting for nord keytar 1 though:-)


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At the end of June, I ordered an Electro 4D. When it arrived, I opened the box and there was a Nord Lead 4 in it. It was before they were released. Turns out it was shipped to me by mistake. It had been at the store for a demo. I was told to keep it for the weekend and try it out. I played it for about an hour, unfortunately I had too many shows that weekend and did not have more time to use it. It was a nice board. I may pick one up.
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