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ChewisLewis, maybe it would help if you first went over to the Introductions page and introduced yourself, including references to your skill level, how long you've been playing, the gear you own, the kind of music you like and where you'd like to be musically and professionally.


Introduce yourself


You've taken a bit of a scatter-gun approach to your posts and this one is no different. You're asking a forum to teach you to play. That isn't going to happen. We can help with tips and direction, but you're going to have to do the leg work. Find a teacher. Google is your friend.


In a church setting, if you aren't expected to play the masterworks on a pipe organ, simplicity is as effective as complexity as long as the mood has been correctly set. I've heard keyboardists with widely varying skill sets do just fine when their heart is in the right place.



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I'd say use your ear. Listen to the songs lots and listen what the keyboard players do. If you need a visual guide, you're probably better sitting at a piano and spending a good while listening to the songs and working the parts out yourself, finding the notes, etc...


"This is Amazing Grace" has pad and piano parts - figure out the parts by ear or with the chord chart and just do what they do there. Note the droning pad and/stabbed chords through the chorus on the off beats. A lot of the time I find myself playing a mixture of those parts as well as the guitar riff, but it depends on the context and band.


As for forever reign, the main riff is played by an electric piano with delay, so you could play that and hang back until the riff comes in again - you don't have to be playing every second.


As I said in the first post you made, it all depends on your band and what those guys are doing. We can't really post helpful videos on what to play because what people post could be completely different and counterproductive to what you're better off doing :)

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...and another one bites the dust.


Oh well, what are you gonna do? We tried ...


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