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Love this guys/aesthetic

yannis D

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I know most of u guys will probably make fun of this or consider it "non live". But i find this presentation one of the most inspiring combinations of live playing and pre recorded parts i've seen in years. It takes two musicians, two laptops, some pre recorded parts and some parts played live. And a lot of imagination. His name is Stromae, is belgian and, IMO one of the most talented musicians/performers out there. This live set up gave me a ton of ideas.


Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Dude, that was cool as hell. :)


I love that kind of stuff; I've been a fan of bands/artists like Neko Marks, Tortured Soul, Ben Neill and Los Hermanos for years. They all work that angle of loops+live performance, yet they all sound quite different from each other. Even jazz-pop singer Caro Emerald leans towards that area, especially on her first album.


...here's some live video of Los Hermanos in Tokyo:





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