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Melodica Information (kind of pic heavy)


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Not a recommendation thread!


I found this beauty at the thrift store a week or so ago ($6 :o ) but cannot find any info on it online. I really mostly bought it and was excited because my friend has one and my other friend recently got one at a thrift store as well (different brands obviously.) Melodica trio, oh yes. He also matches my ukulele so that's kind of awesome.


Anyway, if anyone has any info on this particular guy I would be very grateful! It was made in China and it came with both mouthpieces along with some stickers (that I can't read lol.)




















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Korean? Interesting. There's a tag inside the bag that says "Made in China" lol. I think my partner told me it could be Korean though, but we couldn't track down any info.


I just like to know information on things I get that seem a mystery.


Also, that is my boy Zen. He's probably around 18-20 now, had him for about five or so years. Sorry to hear about your loss. :( Parrots are great companions. Mine bring me so much joy in life.

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These were all the rage in these parts In the early '60's. 1962? They were mainly green and white,

Although I do remember one girl at our school having a red and white one. I. never owned one myself.


Made of a fairly heavy plastic, you could certainly fetch someone a good whack with one! (We were 10 at the time).

Occasionally, do something nice for a total stranger. They'll wonder what the hell is going on!
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