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Fairlight/Vogel CMI app

David Bryce

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I got it when it was still called "Fairlight". Apparently some trademark problems resolved since then. The most recent update quietly changed the name to "Vogel". :laugh:


Anyway, I've had it for about a year. It's a lot of fun playing with it, and realizing how many famous '80s sounds originated from the Fairlight. I just have the basic version, although I've considered moving up to the pro version. (It adds the entire Series III sound library, and the ability to store your own samples.)


It's hard to believe that an instrument that once cost as much as a small house (at least in the midwest... ;) ) can now be had for the price of a decent dinner. Gotta love technology! :cool:



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Got it. "Fun" is a good description. I have the basic version too.


Pretty easy to navigate the library. And I like the little notes that tell you what sounds were used in what famous songs.


I have no experience with the real thing. Were all of its samples unlooped? I notice that hitting LOOP: ON doesn't produce a smooth loop transition for any of the samples where you might expect it (like strings). Do you have to roll your own loop points in the voice editor?

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Got it. Thinking of getting the Akai Synthstation 49 so I can add it to the rig.


Makes me want to really dig out some old 80's tunes.



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Wasn't Fairli...um, er...Peter Vogel supposed to put out something wild and completely new at the last NAMM?

Their web site had mentioned that at one point, but at the show they were saying it wasn't ready yet. They're not in a rush, and want to get it exactly right before they roll it out.


Nothing wrong with that philosophy at all, as far as I can tell.... :thu:


I went to the web site to see if there was any other mention of it, and saw that they're running a competition for people making tracks with the app....and they're asking for submissions by video directly on to Youtube. Interesting idea..... :cool:



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