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Pure unabashed 80s synth thread


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As the other thread on Herbie and Chick was appreciated I thought we could start a nice one about 80s cheesy synths and demos, appalling fashions and the like. Some gems in there though...


To kick off what about this.... This puts images in my head of the Tour De France... I reckon John Tesh's soundtracks of the time are the fault of that.... :D




oh and talking of John Tesh...








For completeness I'll add the other 2 videos from the previous thread...






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Well, if that other Herbie vid was atrocious, this one is pure bliss. Two of my heroes in the same video...wait, make that three if the synth counts. :P


If anyone has this full documentary this is from, I'd be very interested.



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just got this Siel DK600, circa 1984.

full of wonderful sounding SSM chips, and a really amazing filter.




it didn't work when I got it, but after a little interweb research I found the internal battery and removed it before it could wreak havoc on the PCB.




lo and behold, it started working after that, although it doen't have any patch memory. next step is to solder in a new battery and reload the factory presets

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