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O/T Simple PC DAW for newbies


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Something simple (for PC) for two fellow band members just starting out. Both sing and play guitar. Just audio - no midi stuff though one can play keyboard.


They don't like the look of Cubase (I'm a long time user - and like the Rex file thing). It came with their USB hardware (one got an older Lexicon and the other has a newer Tascam box).


Something that does basic multitrack recording (with cut and paste, and mixdown).


Any suggestions?


I've told them to give Audacity a go. I've recommended n-Track in the past to a sound effects creator (theatre) - but she was quite techie to start with.


Thanks in advance.

I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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Audacity is the first program that comes to mind. Have they tried it yet? It will do everything they want to do and then some. I just found old clips on my old PC of a song I jammed to with my father and pasted it together using Audacity on my Mac. Flawless mix.

~ Sean

Juno-60, Juno-G, MicroBrute, MS-20 Mini, PX-5S, R3, etc.

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Thanks for the replies and yes I've suggested Audacity.


I may need to recompile an ASIO version of it - it seems it doesn't support ASIO due to a license issue with Steinberg - but can if you do it yourself and it's for non-commercial use.


Steinberg Sequel:

EDIT- No good - specs too high for current version - won't run on their PCs.



Studio One:


Studio One - I see there's a free version that supports ASIO. I'll download it and give it a go - though what I think is easy and what they think is straight-forward ....


Thanks for the suggestion though. Never heard of it before.



I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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