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beer time part 2


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i think it will be 2 week very long for me and i have nothing to do play music and drink beer this time i try a russian beer the OCHAKOVO


and this one have a very good state

sorry for my english i'm a french Canadien


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I like Russian beers. I had a chance to tour Russia in 2005, and one stop was the Razin Bewery...just days after they had been bought by Heiniken. Got to try their entire line before lunch.


Supposedly, this was to be a path for Razin to expand internationally, but so far...

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These guys are just now making their Japan debut:



These guys are at the center of the Japan craft beer movement at the moment. I`ve met Brian Baird several times, very dedicated and a cool dude:


Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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