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Seeking Case Recommendation


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Well - I pulled the trigger yesterday and purchased a new Kronos 88. My "case" plans for the new Kronos was to simply use the Road Ready ATA case that I move my RD700SX in. The case is plenty big enough ... and remains an option.


However, the way I usually move my RD700SX (especially when I'm going back and forth to rehearsals and/or setting up in tight locations where the path between vehicle and stage is short - is to uncase the RD700SX in the driveway and carry it from van to keyboard stand. When carrying the RD700SX out of the case - I use a simple nylon strap sling that slips around keyboard and over my shoulders. It sounds screwy - but it works great.


However, as I'm looking at my new Kronos - with its collection of raised sliders, joysticks and other protruberances ... I'm realizing that using my carry sling will almost certainly damage something sooner rather than later.


That said - I'm now in the market for a "tweener" case solution. I'll continue to use my Road Ready case when I'm transporting the Kronos along with a full van load of PA gear. However, I'm looking for a case solution that is lighter and more manuverable than a realATA flight case when I'm travelling "light".


Any suggestions?

The SpaceNorman :freak:
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Congratulations on the new board!


I have an older SKB 88 and it wheels around pretty easily. The latches on mine all broke, but they have since changed those latches. Does your current case have wheels? If not you could add them.

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