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sustain pedal issues on Kurz pc-88


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I am reluctant to upgrade from the PC88 Kurz.. but I am having intermittent issues with sustain pedal cutting in and out.

I had one pedal for years, all of a sudden , this hit and miss, sometimes involuntary sustain happens- (my foot is nowhere near the pedal, and i get sustain)

I bought an M audio a few weeks ago, and it was fine for two weeks, then I used it with a Yamaha keyboard, I had to switch the polarity switch on M Audio. and it was fine on the Yamaha.

Then last night I plugged pedal into Kurz again, and forgot to switch the polarity. It worked ok for about a set- then next set the INTERMITTENT sustain came back. Up to that moment, the new M Audio with Kurz and with Yamaha had NO issues.

Of course I reset the switch on the pedal, turned off Kurz etc etc- but to no avail.


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So the problem is with the M-Audio sustain pedal only?


I bought the M-Audio sustain pedal and had a similar problem.




When set to use with a Casio, it works perfectly. However, if I switch polarity to use with a Kurzweil, it's intermittent.


If this is your problem, get a different pedal - NOT an M-Audio. :mad:




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