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Mackie Thump 15's for live stage... opinions?


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I don't think I ever have bought gear, then went on the internet to give it a bad review....%(#%_#_+$


Perhaps the reviewers should have tried the cabinets before they bought them...yuk-yuk.


This forum has many live performers so I tend to believe my ears and other folks here.

And so far my 12"s sound fantastic, but I am using real synths instead of the Micorsoft/Intel/VSTi stuff, so perhaps the virtual synths need more wattage and cone size.


But for hardware, these little 12"s can be cranked up hot and that's where they excell.

I use to use Barbettas and I wish I could adjust the horns a little better, but using a DSP Psycho Acoustic Enhancer and narrowing down the crossover points I get a pretty precise sound.

I did this with my Pro3-t instead of an EQ on the simulated lower baffle and it worked well too.



Magnus C350 and a TV Dinner Tray Stand



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Now this great to hear!

Actually I had the same idea, to take my SE-1X to the shop to see if those Thumps can deliver.

Do you find them noisy?

I read somewhere that the digital amps in them behave a a little weird and give them a little to much noise on low volumes?

Also great to know that the 12´s are better.




My 12 showed up last week and after figuring out the gain staging I really like the sound. But there is noise. It's like a white noise/hiss that only happens when it gets some input. It's very strange but doesn't really degrade the tone. Is this normal?

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