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what to buy pc3Le8 or mp6 ?


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In simple words ,i need new keyboard .

pc3le8 cost more than kawai mp6 is it worth extra cost?


64poly vs 192 in mp6 ,i read review's and explanations


but still going ??huh??

sounds wise ,which is better pc3le or mp6 ?

key's ,which are better pc3le or mp6 ?

and overall ,which is better pc3le or mp6 for money ?


big thanks !


..is FP-7F in same class like this 2 ?

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I'd rate the MP6 piano sound over the Kurz and the FP7F above both. Still the PC3 might be exactly what you need if you're going to use it in a band and need LOTS of different sounds to choose from.

I believe everyone will tell you that the MP6 has WAY better keys of the two, including me.



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If you just really need piano the MP6 is the way to go. I've got the Kawai and have the Kurzweil PC3LE7 and have played the LE8.


The Kawai has better action and better acoustic piano sounds, more nuanced and expressive. Also it is dead simple to create splits and layers on the fly and adjust volumes with the sliders. The other sounds on the Kawai are pretty good. I use mine really only for piano, rhodes and wurly. It works great.


The Kurzweil is phenomenal if you are going to need other sounds like organ and strings/orchestral. The piano on the Kurzweil is really good and works great in the context of a band. For solo or trio work, I'd use the Kawai though.


It really depends on what you're going to be doing with it. If you just want pianos, the Kawai will fill the bill. If you are going to need a Hammond sound, synths, orchestral stuff, the Kurz would be the choice plus it's got the sequencer and all that other stuff. Definitely the Kurz for a cover band.


Bottom line, the acoustic piano and action rules on the MP6 and it is an easier controller for setting up splits and layers. The Kurz has a good acoustic piano and a good action, better elec pianos, awesome B3 and strings plus great synth stuff and the other sounds are really good.


Also, I have used the Kurzweil for piano quite a bit and the polyphony hasn't been an issue even with a simple piano/strings layer. Maybe more complicated stuff would run the polyphony dry but 64 is a lot for regular playing and using a basic layer. Of course the Kawai with 192 should never have any sort polyphony problems.




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Different tools for different jobs. There are some serious issues with the Kawai depending on what you want to use it for but the strengths in my opinion are very strong also.


Like everyone else said What is it you want from it. Also what type of music?

"It doesn't have to be difficult to be cool" - Mitch Towne


"A great musician can bring tears to your eyes!!!

So can a auto Mechanic." - Stokes Hunt


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thanks for tips :)


for what kind music ,well i can say mix of all

i love door's , classic ,modern, well all what sound good :)

from music i love jazz/blues ,doors kind rock

i was lookin youtube videos ,and i don't know where to put mp6 now

day ago i was thinking pc3le and mp6 are same kind beasts

pc3k/mp10 big brothers

and es6 sp4 same digital piano kind keyboards

now ????? i truly don't know anything now



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I play an MP5 and MP8.


If want to do any synth stuff with the Kawai the max pitch bend range is +-7 for internal sounds and +/- 12 for external midi devices. That can be a problem.


I also don't care for the feel of the wheel controllers but I am primarily a piano player and just use what I have. Other than that I think it is a very good weighted controller. I like the sliders and the big red lights. It does not have aftertouch. The Kurz may have aftertouch and that may be something you want.


If you want to run the keyboard in mono you better talk to someone USING the MP6 in Mono. The MP5 EP sounds sucked in mono because of the way the effects were implemented. ... IMO. If you going to run stereo this might not be an issue. I side stepped the mono EP issue by using a XV-5050 for EPs. On the MP5 as soon as you summed the instrument to mono all effects just disapearred. What was left sounded like a bad xylphone.


I considered the MP6 upgrade but I read the manual and controller issues I am interested in seem pretty much the same. But,the piano sound set according to YouTube demos seem to be a big improvement over the MP5. For rock band usage I had to tweak the MP5 a lot but for playing solo it sounds good and very expressive to me. This makes sense. IMO Kawai grand pianos overall tend to be a darker than many other brands.


I like the MP actions a lot.


If you are picky about how the instrument looks the black finish on the MPs don't stay clean looking and is easily scratched and scarred.


Bottom line for me is I love the action and everyone has to come to terms with what their priorities are. To me any electronic keyboard is going to be a compromise. I LOVE the MP8II but it is around 80 pounds without the case.



"It doesn't have to be difficult to be cool" - Mitch Towne


"A great musician can bring tears to your eyes!!!

So can a auto Mechanic." - Stokes Hunt


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