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Anybody tried Geo Synthesizer?


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Enjoying how you can bend one note and leave the others unaffected

One of my favorite features on the Kurzweil stuff does that - pitch bender only works on notes held by fingers, not notes held by pedal. :thu:





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I've been using it on my Ipad 2. It's a really cool midi controller and your Ipad will send USB midi out to any professional gear if you don't care for the sound of Geo. I haven't yet used Geo to control other Ipad synths. I understand it will work with some of them.


Geo tends to alias at high pitches unless you are using sine waves, and so there is only one sound I use it for as a synth ... the mellow pedal steel-ish leads. The onboard delay is acceptable for live use. Filter is pretty weak.


What's so cool about Geo?


Well as somebody mentioned you can bend pitch on some notes but not others. There is some intelligence to program when you are sliding and when you are bending, and it's quite musical. Modulation effects are available by sliding your finger off the note, so it's intuitive and expressive. Fine control of dynamics would have to be accomplished with a midi merge into the professional synth of your choice along with pedals, etc. I haven't yet done it, but my Nord Modular is begging to be taken for an outing with this kind of setup.


For somebody who already has some synths capable of lyrical sounds and is looking for different kinds of control than a keyboard, this controller gives you some of the previously unique capabilities of a Haken Continuum or Eigenharp. :thu:


Of course, it's not a complete replacement for these high end tools, but I'd hate to be a hardware manufacturer in the Ipad age.

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