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Miguel Zenon-Luis Perdomo, a fantastic group

yannis D

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If, by any chance, Miguel Zenon and his band play around your city, don't miss it. Last night i saw his quartet in Paris and my jaw is still down... :freak: Fantastic puerto rican songs covered by Zenon and his band. On the piano there was venezouelan Luis Perdomo on the piano. It's been a long time i haven't seen a pianist like him. Tremendous dexterity and virtuosity but very musical at the same time. Very complex left hand lines played together with the upright bass and subtle chords. In his soloing you could hear his years and years of deep jazz studies and knowledge. Right hand, flying (i was seated right next to him)! Each of the song was a completely re-composed piece of music (as long as 17 pages of written music) with very complicated parts and exciting solos. Tony Cole was the drummer-very dynamic indeed. Hans Glawniscnig was the bass player. They were all fantastic.

I just wanted to share this with you all!


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