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summer namm new products

jeremy c

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They've been back for a couple of years now. Vox has been selling them. And do you know what they advertise as their desirable feature? They say the deliver "that vintage sound", like coily cables sounded way back in the day. And you know, I bought one, and they're right. It brought back a strange funkiness to my sound I failed to realize that I didn't miss until I heard it for a while.

Moral of the story; "vintage sounding" does not automatically equal "good"...

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Danelectro has had vintage batteries (non-alkaline) out for a while. I suppose they will make your vintage Ibanez tube screamer sound better.

Well, it is hard to find non-alkaline 9 volts these days and the older pedals do like them. One came in my Danalectro Honeytone amp and I must admit it lasted pretty long.


I always thought that those curly cords would be annoying.

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