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Best way to use synths drum sounds


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I was playing my Kurz PC2R (it was stored for some time out of use) and found that comparing to my other gear (triton, rolands) its drum sounds are very nice, so I wonder if I could use any method for triggering those sounds from a pad controller (I`m was planning to buy some sampling pad or other percussion controller).


Any of you tried this with a synth?




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One good use? Annoying your drummer.

I have a Russ Kunkel-ish tom fill I can play from my PC3LE6 that annoys the cr*p out of a drummer I play with. Works every time. :laugh:

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Another good choice is the Korg padKontrol, which AFAIK has more levels of velocity sensitivity than most pads. I find it very ergonomic, and especially love the XY-mini-KAOSS pad in the corner, with the strips for flams etc. It is pretty easy to set up with custom templates.

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That will depend on the controller; in the case of the Akai, I believe so. In a pinch, you can always remap the drum sounds into a new patch so they conform to the note numbers on the controller, although that'll be a lot more work.


Ha,- I kept my old Roland R8 drum machine, offering 5 banks w/ 16 velocity sensitive pads, each pad assignable to any MIDI note number and MIDI channel of your choice.

Pads transmit velocity values and notes over MIDI.

Does the job very well.





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