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Pink Floyd 're-form'... Shock-Horror ???


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Dave Gilmore appeared on stage to play Comfortably Numb :thu:

When people misspell Gilmour's name as "Gilmore", it doesn't make me Happy. ;):laugh:


Ooops, I hadn't realised that :facepalm:.


Pink Floyd (& Dave Gilmour) are one of my favourite ever bands -


but in my defence, it was 7am when I posted that & I was only just waking up ! :bor:



some stuff on myspace


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Wright=decorator (and latent writer)


Gilmour without a doubt was/is the best musician in the band. But as his solo records proved, he couldnt write a song. (He fared much better when he got some writers that actually understood what it is he does, and didnt try to write PinkFloyd songs.)


Waters was never a real musician: he was the most punk of all of them, in terms of attitude and technique! But he is an ideas man. And he has a very industrial work ethic, and you cannot discount that.


Wright was a lazy writer. When he did write, it was fkng beautiful. He just really needed to do more of it. His musicianship was solid, but was amplified by his taste. More than chops, he had great ideas, and knew how to wrap a melody.

Well put.

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