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Dick Hyman live master class with Dave Frank free on Youtube


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Friends, I chord-ially invite you to enjoy a wonderful journey into the mind and music of a true jazz icon:



This unique afternoon included two great solo performances by Dick, loads of interesting conversation re: jazz and jazz piano and two burnin duo performances by Dick and Dave on 18 ft. of Steinways


Other groovy classes are available on YT, Zappa, Hornsby, Bill Evans, Dave McKenna, Marx Bros, a walking bass line clinic, solo concert by moi; on Ustream, Eric Dolphy, Frank Zappa, Charlie Parker, Keith Jarrett, and Bruce Hornsby.


All for nuttin!


Blessings and keep swingin y'all!


Dave Frank



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Dave that Dick Hyman video is outstanding. Nice duet playing from both of you as well. I think Dick is a real living treasure and must have a wealth of information having been in as many situations as he has been.


Since you are in NYC..... Phil Schaap was trying to figure out who the pianist was on a Charlie Parker recording from 1950. I think it very possibly could be Dick because he had worked in a club called the CAFE SOCIETY where the Bird recording took place.


It sounds like Dick to me, because of the way he likes to harmonize his lines.


I am not quite as relentless as Phil Schaap, but also wouldn't mind scoring a few points on the jazz know -it - all side of things.


Also nice to hear that Charlie Binacos was mentioned as your teacher. He was one of the greats in jazz education.


However you manage to do what you do, please keep it up.

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I was refering to a bootleg recording of Charlie Parker recorded at the Cafe Society in 1950. The pianist is as of yet unidentified.


Phil Schaap has this recording posted on his website as part of an interview he did with Billy Taylor. The two of them could not tell who the piano player was.


I think it very well may be Dick because I ( think) I hear some of those harmonized lines that he still plays, and also played on the Parker film of "Hot House".


Also.... Dick mentions in a Jazz Wax interview online ( part 2) that he had worked with Tony Scott at the Cafe Society in 1950.


This is just a bit bit of discograper detective work that I am interested in, but historically it does have some importance I suppose.


Phil Schaap gets pretty relentless in his pursuit of this information, as his "Birdflight" braoadcasts on WKCR New York often demonstrate.


Just curious..... who knows, maybe Dick could get some money if it's him.

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