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Anyone tried a Mesa Blue Angel?


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I played one in a music store a long time ago. IT was a really cool amp. Quality-wise, anything Mesa makes is pro gear. IF I remember correctly, it had their "Progressive Linkage" setup, which means it had two power amp sections, one with EL84 tubes and one with 6V6 tubes. You could use one, the other, or both. The idea was that overdriven 6V6s sound kinda flubby and dull, and overdriven EL84s sound peaky and sharp(tell it to Brian May). The combination of the two is supposed to balance the tone out.

I really wanted one myself. If the price is good, I'd go for it.

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I had a both a Blue Angel and a Maverick at one time. Both really rock solid good sounding amps. I really liked them both. I would like them more today, bet.


Hey, welcome to the GPF, Matty_Blues; yeah, the Maverick was one of the few Boogies I'd tried that I liked and got along with.

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I've had a Blue Angel 4x10 for about 15 years. Not for high gain lovers but does a nice Deluxe Reverb kind of thing. The mix and match power tube feature was ahead of it's time. The difference in the tubes selected is more apparent as you turn up, of course, due to common preamp tubes / circuit, speakers, etc. One of the coolest things about it is the mid control which , and I can't explain it, acts as a subtle gain control. All in all a cool amp if you can finsd one in good shape. A market has emerged for them amongst tone conscious players in recent years.
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