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Good Deal ??


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I have been offered a brand new ( A - stock) Electro 3 73 at an e bay retailer for $1900 w/ free ship/nord gig bag and stand. Can I do better or should I pull the trigger. Seems like a great deal, but maybe I'm wrong.
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MAP is $2,199


Searching on eBay with "Electro 3 73" I find a number of offers to buy an Electro 3 73 for $1899.


Many of these auctions also have a "Best Offer" button. If they offer "Buy it Now" for $1899 but also allow a "Best Offer", you can be sure they are willing to sell the item for less.


As long as it is from an authorized dealer (so your warranty is valid), I would offer something less. They can always counteroffer.


I thik $1899 is the current going price on eBay.

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yes i have seen a few of those ads, but first off make sure you are talking the 73 note version Secondly,read the add closely the only 73 note versions I have seen for this price were "b" stock pieces (new, but open box, demos, etc.) I had not seen one that claimed to be brand new sealed box for this amount and I did get the nord case and stand included w/ no tax and free ship. I still would like to think I did ok.


Obviously I "pulled the trigger" already. Thanks



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