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64bit vsti's??


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hi guys... haven't been around in awhile... good to see alotta the same names are here... anyhow... i tried a search and was surprised to not find anything on the subject... but i'm thinking of building a windows7 box to offload vsti's that can be taken out for live gigs as well... so would appreciate it if you would school me on the state of 64bit vsti's... whats available??? caveats??? tricks??? thnx in advance....
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Welcome back, dementedchord. :wave:


The reason we haven't posted much about 64-bit virtual instruments is that it's a relatively new development and far from all-encompassing.


You have VIs like Play that offer 64-bits in standalone mode but not as plug-ins. And you've got Kontakt, which can work like a 64-bit plug-in inside a 32-bit DAW.


Most DAWs are still 32-bit, so 64 bit plug-ins are of limited use. Logic has recently implemented as 64-bit mode, and Spectrasonics issued 64-bit beta versions of Omnisphere and Trilian last week. (Stylus RMX was already 64-bit.)


The VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro offers hosting for both 64-bit and 32-bit plug-ins and interfacing with DAWs, and it's proving to be a popular way to access 64-bit plug-ins.


That's all I can think of off the top of my head.







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thnx guys... yeah i'm aware of Jbridge and the like... just figured that with win7 finding favor the jump to 64bit will be coming along and wanted to try it with a new box... also thinking of stand alone stuff so i dont have to load/open cubase when playing out...
"style is determined not by what you can play but what you cant...." dave brubeck
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Just found out tonight that the little Cantabile sequencer/VST host has both 32 and 64 bit versions - ranging from a free one to a $129 or so full-featured one. I'm going to load the free 64bit one tomorrow on the new 64bit DAW and see what it will do. The download is only about 5 megs - makes a real quick way to do a quick check out.

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