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check out my band video

jeremy c

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Very nice, jeremy! Well done for a completely live video. Their voices really go well together, too.



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Very nice!


If I had to find something to criticize it would be to bring down the keyboard a bit.. The keys were a little distracting at times because they overwhelmed the other instruments here and there.


I didn't find any faults worth noticing in the performance though. Spot on!

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I played this for my wife last night before our band rehearsal. (She sings in the blues band with me). She listened and then said "I quit".... hahahaha... Like me, she also thought that it was great! We want your sound guy too....
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The "sound guy" is the keyboard player. He's the bandleader and owns the recording studio where this was done. He did the mix, set up all the cameras and the lighting, and stationed his wife at the video mixing board and taught her how to run it. She did an amazing job, considering that she learned how to do it on the spot. She had to know the song as well as we did so she would know when to switch to the various cameras depending on who was singing.
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Really good. I guess this was a first attempt and experiment to see how it worked out. I would be really pleased the way it turned out.


If you do it again I would make the following changes, but I'm not an expert just everyone's worst critic :)


Get some flashing stage lights and try to put drapes over the background to create an atmosphere. Because the cameras don't move you can create a feeling of movement and depth just using lights creatively.

Change keyboard players tie or make everything a lot more 80's, it seems just a token effort but that's probably just me. I liked the hats too. :D

Zoom in a bit on the male singer to lose the (half) keyboard player in background, or move the keyboard player to the right of the singer so he stays fully in frame.

Jeremy move more to right so that camera on two singers only picks up singers and drummer. I think it looks a bit odd as you drift in and out frame.

One Camera just on Jeremy and Guitarist so we can see their funky moves.

Everybody else get more funky moves on. I expect everyone was wondering what it was going to turn out like and next time they'll all be a bit more relaxed.


Only my 2c trying to be helpful. I thought everything was great.

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Hoped you would take it constructively, thanks.


Get him to check out what the "rule of thirds" is and make sure that people always look into the frame. eg The male singer is framed in center of shot, but as he is looking right towards the female singer he should be framed to the left 1/3 and looking to the right. Their eyes should be about 1/3 down the screen as well.

Then when you switch to the female singer the male singer shouldn't drift in and out of the frame. This is not easy to acheive as you have no camera operators, but with abit of thought on where people are positioned it would look really professional and awesome.


I think that you can do post editing in movie maker that comes free with windows. someone could wander round the room doing some close ups with one of the cameras and it edit it in later.


I'm going to try this approach with my band now. Excellent.

Feel the groove internally within your own creativity. - fingertalkin


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