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700GX tweak help


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:) All you can do, Stee-V, is make the keyboard sound as much like a piano as possible. That will be the closest to a Bosendorfer or any piano. You can adjust the body and tone far beyond the default sounds, but you can only make the sample sound as good as it is, not better.


With the "superior grand" patch in the GX, SX and FP's, I've found that bringing up all the levels in the EQ to just below the level of distortion (when you play it hard), is the best you can tweak it. Test and compare with good headphones and speakers.


If you get the levels (all frequencies, lows, lower mids, etc.) up to a sound you like and it distorts, you can bring the master volume output level down. Then add in the amount of resonance and effects according to taste.


Perhaps others will have more suggestions. Good luck on it.

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Well i know I can get a software piano and use the RD as a controller. I was looking more for a way to get the RD's on board sounds to sound as close to a bosey as possible. I'm sure down the line for recording purposes I am going to get the Vienna Instruments Imperial sample library.


So that being said, anyone have any settings that they have found get that nice rich sound?


I feel like not many people are Bosey fans so I don't think I am gonna have much luck but I figured I'd ask. :-)

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I've played a Bosendorfer only once, so feel very unqualified to give any advice on specifics. But generally, I've found that adjusting the velocity response of the GX pianos pays off. I've rolled -10 off the "Medium" setting on my Expressive Grand and it does make for more character and bite.

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I was just playing with you, Stee-V. :)


I do have Ivory, so when I want one of those pianos (I have all three libraries), I simply use that. From what I understand, the samples in the RDs are mostly if not all various Steinways. I'm generally happy with them for what I want them for.

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EWQL Gold Piano collection - NAMM special, ends tonight, 1/2 price, $195. (plus need an iLock key).


Badrstown Audio also has a complete set of Bosie Imperial samples on DVD - cost more than the special above. Ivory and Vienna are the other companies with Bosie samples.



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