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Best string sounds on a rack mount?


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I am looking for a used (ebay) rack sound module to supplement the sounds on my Stage EX compact that would be found on the more workstation-like keyboards, specifically some decent string sounds.


Can anyone recommend any decent units, or offer any opinion on the string sounds of the motif / motif xs ? I've seen these on ebay but they are a way away from me and I wouldn;t get a chance to demo them!


Are any of the older sound-module type units any good for strings?





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Don't know about the motif rack, but the Kurzweil PC2R comes to mind - some other good sounds as well. A Kurz ME-1 has the same base sounds, but cannot have the Orchestral ROM (some good strings there) or the Classic Keys ROM - mellotrons, ARP strings, Rhodes, Wurlies, other stuff). However, the ME-1 can probably be found at a lower price. It also does not have the same effects as the PC2.


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I'd look at either a Motif ES or XS rack or Kurzweil PC2R.


I don't know what the strings are like on the Kurz, but I could tell you that the strings bank on the PC3 are out of this world! The PC2 doesn't use the same samples, but Kurz programmers have the orchestral thing nailed.

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