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cleaning a keyboard


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I need to clean the top of a grimy looking S90ES. What does everyone generally user for this that won't cause problems with the buttons, sliders, display lens, etc.? Has anyone used Plexus? Endust?


My main concern is damaging the electronics with something too wet. The other is leaving a coating that starts looking even worse than the dusty grime.

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It depends.


I wouldn't use just anything on my PC2X.


To clean the keys, I would use a cotton cloth and a mixture of warm water with a drop or two of dishwashing liquid. But I would be careful not to let any liquid drop between the keys. I would use a Q-Tip when necessary.


I wouldn't use anything else. No alcohol. No Pledge. No Windex. No amonia-based products.


I would try the same liquid/cotton cloth approach to the body and front panel - again, making sure none of it had a chance to drip between the buttons or sliders.


To clean the display, I would use the cloth and glass cleaner spray that I got at the optometrist's office. If you use a Kleenex or any paper-based cloth, you could scratch the plastic.


I would get a couple of cans of compressed air and use it to dislodge any dirt that's fallen in the sliders.


If the pots and sliders need electrical cleaning, then Caig DeOxit spray is what I use.


Good question.


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+1 for Tom's suggestions.


In addition, there is a cleaner that I would use for the exterior of the keyboard. It is:


Glass Cleaner by Sprayway. It is what bars use to clean the tar and nicotene off of mirrors, etc. in their establishments. It is ammonia free, and it is AMAZING! I think my wife gets it at Sam's Club. (Sprayway, Inc. of Addison, Illinois 60101--4468)

Contents: Butoxyethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol, Deionized Water, and Liquified Petroleum Gas.


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I clean my gear with a soft rag and a spray bottle of glass cleaner. I don't spray the instrument directly - but instead put a few sprays onto the rag to dampen it just a little and then wipe the instrument down. I've used Q-Tips as well as compressed air to clean nooks and crannies (like the inside of recessed sliders).
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The best stuff I've found to clean keyboards and their keys has been a product called Areospace 303 protectant. I found it through a CAR DETAILER I know.

Been using it for years with no problems at all.





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