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No MIDI sound


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Hi guys. Hoping that anyone could please help.


Controller: ESI 49.

Sound module: Roland XV2020.


I'm wishing to play the XV2020 using the ESI as a controller. I have midi (out of the ESI and IN of the XV). The light indicator on the XV indicates that it is receiving midi data.


As far as I know (ESI manual is not very thorough) I have set the channel of the ESI to 1 and have done the same with the XV.


Yet no sound. I can audition patches from the XV by hitting the preview button on the module but can not control it with the keyboard itself.


Any assistance/suggestions greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Most of those vintage Rolands have a Patch mode and a Performance mode.


Performance mode is multitimbral, and different midi channels can be set for the parts per performance.


So what you set may only be the default midi channel, and not come into play for performances.


Try switching to patch mode, and see if it works then.




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Do you have a manual?


Good question - maybe he has the clutch depressed.




Can you hook the controller up to a computer and see what its sending with midi ox? The XV2020 manual is probably available on Roland's web site. I've gone there when out on a gig to solve a problem with a different unit - very handy.


I would also try to get the 2020 into multitimbral mode and see if anything then comes out.



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Given that the MIDI light is active when you play, that tells me that note on/off messages are getting to the XV. It's one of the following:


  • you don't have the transmit channel set correctly on the controller
  • you don't have the receive channel set correctly on the module (or both)
  • both of the above


Have you stepped through the Troubleshooting section of the XV-2020 manual? That should resolve your issues. Obviously you have the audio working, otherwise you wouldn't hear the patch preview playback, but check if the problem exists at both the outputs on the back and the headphone output on the front (ya never know).



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