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Trilian Patch Library Update Posted

Geoff Grace

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What do you guys think of Trilian so far. I already have Omnisphere and haven't even scratched the surface yet. I think it will be my next Spectrasonics purchase, followed by Stylus RMX later. Eric puts out such good stuff!


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I just loaded it up a few days ago (got it for Christmas), and like it a lot. I've barely touched it's capabilities though.

The acoustic bass is huge, and sucks over 600m of your ram, so be warned that a 4g min overall is going to be required.

Sounds great though, and the Stick is a lot of fun.

Neat the way you can dragNdrop the patterns from RMX into the arp section of Trilian and have your basses sync up all groove like with RMX.

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