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1999 Sound Patch


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Need your input on what I could use to get as close to the lead synth in Prince's 1999. I've tried many different brass and lead synths and although they sound good I think there's gotta be a way to get closer to the sound. Any ideas besides the ones I listed?



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IIRC saw wave, slightly detuned, with another one (octave above) on top. Sure there's lots more to it (envelope, etc), but that'd be a start. Get the right chords as well, with the 6th and all.


In ROMplerworld, use some kind of saw brass/synth brass, and add something one octave higher using a layer. Within that approach, I once even used strings for that, with acceptable results.


The Motif VintageKeys pack offered a good one, and maybe some hints can be found on Motifator. And Google's your friend.


Good luck.

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I used to play that one a Jupiter 6 running through a Boss VF-1 FX unit. Yep - sawtooth, octave, detuned, I added chorus, reverb, delay to fatten it up and match the original. You could probably layer synth brass and synth strings and get close as well in ROMpler world.



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