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Oasis breaks up

jeremy c

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Better that the band breakup than the two of them kill one another.

Are you sure?


Reminds me of an old Letterman gag (c. 1983):


Suppose that Gary Coleman and Ricky Schroeder fight each other to the death on TV with pool cues. Who would win?

(a) Gary Coleman

(b) Ricky Schroeder

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I'm guessing that being siblings, like the Davies bros in the Kinks, they'll be tied together for a while...besides those British bands never break up, do they ?

The Who ?

The Strolling Ruins ?

Even the Beatles reunited, though it took some 21st C. voodoo to bring Lennon back.


BTW, who's your fave Gallagher brother Liam or Noel ?


Mine's actually Rory ;):D



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The Brothers Johnson is another pair of brothers who have not managed to get along in a band.


The brothers Schenker had a much tougher time. Unfortunately for Michael, his ego problem cost him a LOT of dough, when it all shook out.


More on topic: Was I supposed to care that Oasis broke up? Or was it something about which to be relieved? :D

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The Brothers Johnson is another pair of brothers who have not managed to get along in a band.


When I saw them, Louis tried to kick George in the middle of a song. The sax player got in between the two of them (and it looked like he had had to do that before.)


At one point, Louis tossed his bass on the floor and walked off the stage.


It was not an enjoyable show. The audience knew all the songs and really wanted it to be a good show.

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Time to come out of the closet ... I have their Best Of 2 cd set and whilst I don't like all of it (as with most Best Of's I have) I do like a lot of their songs.


That said, I'm indifferent to the breakup, as they are not a band I'd consider going to see in concert, nor have any interest in collecting the entire back catalogue.



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Dave at least you have two coasters and that way your girlfriend won't be pissed that you damage the table. Good use for Oasis cd's :D




"And then the magical unicorn will come prancing down the rainbow and we'll all join hands for a rousing chorus of Kumbaya." - by davio



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I never had a problem with Oasis' music--I always found it to be simplistically catchy and marginally clever jangle Brit-pop. Not the best thing in the world, but certainly not worthy of being reviled.


For whatever it's worth, at least these dudes had actual songs with people playing instruments on them, and the vocals seemed, like them or not, unaltered by pitch correction and whatnot. Overall, Oasis was like a blip on the outskirts of my radar screen--I was aware of the band, but I was never overly concerned with it.


The dumb drama with the brothers never really meant much to me, but I did figure it would eventually lead to a break up. All bands have some kind of internal problems. That's what happens when you mix creative personalities with fame and whatever else they encounter along the way. Having said this, I didn't realize the band even had anything happening recently.



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--Sun Tzu

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