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Mystery Yamah Piano

jim light

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Help Please!!

I recently used a Yamaha digital piano which played as well as my CP300 but was a fraction of the weight. I should have taken the model number as I would like to buy one but I can't find it anywhere. All I can say is that it was silver, had GH action and all the output/ input sockets and mains etc were on the side - nothing at all on the rear panel except the Yamaha logo. Anyone have any ideas?



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Jim Light said: Any thoughts on how the P 85 would compare to the CP series?


Not even close. The P85 is made for home use , does not even have 1/4" line outputs, only headphone outputs. And I don't believe it is a fully weighted board. Yamaha quit making the P80 some time ago but you can find them on Craigs List and/or Ebay or musicians forum listings. Great keyboard. The C series keyboards are the top end of the Yamaha line, much better and much more expensive.

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Thanks again to everyone who has replied so far. I am now pretty sure it must have been the P80 - Unfortunately discontinued, but I will try ebay. If no luck I'll have to go for the CP33 to cut down on weight. The 300 is great to play but no fun to carry into the house at 3a.m.!
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Probably the Yamaha P120S: http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetailPF.html?CNTID=2428&CTID=205800&LGFL=Y


I have the non-silver P120 (black with genuine simulated woodgrain paneling). The jacks are all on the side, and include the full complement of "pro" connectors: 1/4" L, R and headphone outs, RCA, MIDI. 18.5kg instead of 32.5kg for the CP300. Even 18.5kg seems heavy to me, mainly because of the awkward size of the 88-key package; I would never want to lug the CP300 to a gig.


The P120 has been discontinued, but you can find them used. Very nice board.


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It seems I remember someone comparing the new p155 favorably to the cp300. I would like to hear from some cp300 owners who have had the chance to check out the p155...I think they have just recently hit the stores.


I solo gig some with a P90, and prefer the ap sound and response to the those in my ES8, which I keep parked at home. Yes, I am a Yamaha fan too.



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