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Some questions about Soft Synths...


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I'm kind of new to keyboards/synths. Are 'soft synths' a good way to expand the sounds my keyboards can make?


What are some good soft synths? I play pop/rock and would like very realistic piano/organ/etc sounds. I was reading about the Abbey Road Keyboards software and that seemed really interesting to me, as a huge Beatles fan. It even has the mellotron from Strawberry Fields!


However... it appears I'd need to have Reason to make it work. Ugh. I only have Adobe Audition.


Are there any soft synths that are "stand alone"?


Am I even using the phrase 'soft synth' correctly? I'm new to all this...


Thank you!

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There are plenty of advantages to soft synths in a recording environment, but speaking just from a sound standpoint, the biggest advantage I find is that there are very good specialty instruments that are very affordable. If for example you wanted a grand piano, an organ, an analog synth and some kind of sample playback instrument for orchestral sounds, you'd spend a fortune in hardware, or get by with a single ROMpler keyboard that would be "ok". With softsynths, you can get a very good piano instrument (example: Ivory), organ (ex: NI B4), analog synth (ex: Pro-53), orchestral sounds (ex: EW Platinum). Those are just a very few examples, most of which are just a few hundred bucks each. With a decent computer & controller, the world of high end sounds opens up quite a bit.

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Kontact now seems to be the standard software sampler and a lot of good libraries are out for it. It can be used as a stand along instrument without running a sequencer/DAW. Is that deal on Komplete still on? If so, that would be the place to start.


Zebra 2 is my favorite virtual analog in software.

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You don't need any particular brand of software; what you need is a softsynth host program. Do you use a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer?


If you have Windows, there are lots of good cheap and free ones (both hosts and plugin instruments), in addition to the commercial stuff.


If you have a Mac, Logic is reputedly a very good one-stop-shop, and as a host it lets you plug in other softsynths.

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