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A couple hours of frequency bliss


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OK.this will be the last post on this subject chuckle. I want to publicly thank bdhodaway10 for selling me this wonderful system (Accugroove Tri112Ls and QSC PLX 1804). I must tell you that each unit was in immaculate shapethe man took care of his equipment.


The last couple hours has been tonal ecstasy. It really has made a big difference in many ways. There were a couple sounds that I actually liked better from the K4 but dang there is really no comparison overall. Check back with me though when I have lugged these babies around a bitIm sure the K4 will come in handy on those pic up sessionsfor now he has moved to the middle bedroom....It is pretty cool having that separation and being surrounded by sound.


Thanks again bdhodaway.




Roland RD 700G, AccuGroove Tri-112-L's, QSC PLX 1804, Traynor K4, Fishman SoloAmp, Taylor 510.
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Man I'm so happy for you. Enjoy it. Like I said, the honeymoon will wear off and the Traynor will make a return to your harem, but what newlywed wants to hear that?


Have fun with it all!

Kawai C-60 Grand Piano : Hammond A-100 : Hammond SK2 : Yamaha CP4 : Yamaha Montage 7 : Moog Sub 37


My latest album: Funky organ, huge horn section


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