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A question for the Univalve owners...


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Mine is.


That is a moving target, since different bands take their stage volumes to extremes.


But rather than take anyones word for it, why not go to one of the on-line charts describing the actual possible difference in output levels among the various wattage amps. You'll see how small the differences really are between 20 watts and 50 watts and 100 watts. The UniValve output varies depending upon the tube compliment, but tops out around 18 watts or so.


The other deciding factor is the speaker and cabinet efficiency. Think of it like this... a bus gets 2 gallons to the mile, a small compact car may get 38 miles to the gallon. Speakers and cabinets each have the same issues... and an efficient speaker in an efficient cabinet will provide more Sound Pressure Level from a given amplifier than a less efficient speaker in a less efficient cabinet. SPLs are where it is at, not RMS watts.


I use the THD UniValve with the THD 2x12 ported cabinet, and it has been plenty loud for me to use on any stage in town. And then, why -do- we have PA systems, anyway? To amplify the sound. Get your sound, let the PA amplify it.

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I think they are--relatively speaking. A Uni with a KT88 sounds cool, and it is very loud. The KT88 is the loudest tube there is. It is also the beefiest sounding.


Also if you choose to use a 12ax7 that will also make it louder. I prefer a 12at7 for 1 preamp tube. I can't remember. It does have 2 preamp tubes right?


But the at7 has less gain, so it isn't as loud. But for my tastes, it is smoother and rounder than the harsher 12ax7.


If you are a player that NEEDS a clean boost, I would get the Bivalve instead. They are also cool amps, with a few more features. I think the Bivalve tends to have more low end. The Bivalve also of course has way more potential clean headroom.


The only problem with the UNI is that if you are going to clean boost it for solos you will bump your head on the lower ceiling. The result is too much gain for my tastes, and too compressed. Maybe with the right pedal it wouldn't be as bad.


But not EVERYONE needs a boost. See, I was in a 2 and 3 guitar band. If you are playing in a 1 guitar band, and your drummer and bassist are dynamic, I see no reason why you need a boost. Just make sure you don't play all out during the rythm parts, then use your guitar volume to boost for leads.


Also you DO have a PA. For myself I like to have the power to boost. I always find the soundman misses some solos. Unless you have your own soundman that knows your material, I would say in a 2 guitar band a boost is essential if you don't want to risk being a mime.


When I boost for solos, I always want a similar amount of gain to my rythm tone. I don't require much gain, and I can still play whatever.


Picker, if you are considering a new amp, I still say the Spidervalve is a great consideration. I think it easily sounded as good or better than my Bivalve. Just as organic feeling and sounding. Also it is LOUD!! But thats fine, you can footswitch to any tone you want, at any volume, at any ratio of master volume to channel volume you like.. It even takes pedals nicely in the front end, or the loop.

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Yeah, you're probably right, I was just thinking about somethng small & light that I could carry around easy and drive into output tube distortion without pinning people agaainst the back wall and sterilizing every male in the crowd.


But it's gonna be a very long while before I have the sheckels for either one. Have mercy, I hate being poor!

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